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October 5, 2008
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Team Vogel Ref Sheet by MindOfGenius Team Vogel Ref Sheet by MindOfGenius
This was done by :iconspirogs: Thanks! ^

Pengu/Penguin a.k.a. "Vogel"-
Species: Penguins.
Size: 1' and 1' 6", respectively.
Age: The exact number is a BIT off due to math (age is counted differently); but essentially about 2 and 12 years old.
Weight: Hmm, that's a tough one; there was no scale where they lived. ^^; But if one WERE to take a guess...probably...20 pounds and 40 pounds?
Language: Native Penguin. Pengu's speech is only understandable by Vogel, who has been around him long enough to understand him. Vogel can be understood by anyone who can talk to animals. Both understand English, although Pengu's vocabulary may be a bit short and Vogel doesn't get all of the "long words" .

Back story: Vogel decided one day to go and visit a different part of the world, so he took drastic action and took off a large chunk of ice and set off. Unfortunately for him, Pengu decided to jump on, and since he didn't have the heart in him to just kick him off and force him to swim back to shore, Vogel let Pengu stay. His original destination was Greenland (which is icy; go figure.) However, due to Pengu being there, his supplies started to run low quickly. They've since traveled around the world and (somehow) even other worlds and dimensions.
The two have known each other ever since Pengu was very young; Pengu feels very attached to Vogel. They seldom argue, and always care for each other.

Pengu looks like a emperor penguin, only shrunk down to kid size. He has red eyes and yellow tufts of hair (they aren't fully grown in yet ^^; ). His 'head-loop' is essentially a [long] flap of skin from his head. No one knew why it grew, it just did. It can go down to a bit lower than his neck, and shoots up into an exclamation mark when scared and turns into a question mark when curious or confused.
Gets hungry easily, and will search for food, often oblivious to dangers around him. ^^;
Since he's a little kid, is more likely to make friends and play instead of fight, but he will if he has too.
Is cute, sometimes will use that to his advantage sometimes, but not often.
Likes to explore; naturally curious.
Has a sharp and piercing cry when sad.
Can fly for short periods of time by flapping his arms. This is possible due to his lighter weight, and also his *almost* limitless energy. ^^;
Ticklish in the belly. ^_^

Was given this name upon entering an older tournament; means 'bird' in German.
Has a fun side, but usually doesn't show it since he's too busy trying to keep Pengu out of trouble.
Used to be able to fly, but now can't since he's too heavy (and not hyperactive ^^; ).
Thinks things through; since being in a new environment, he wants to make sure he knows what he's doing (unlike Pengu who just go forth and try something with knowing ANYTHING about it).
Has a 'back pouch'; a tragic accident happened when he was young, although he doesn't remember much of it. His back was sliced open, and could not be healed. A solution came up to heal the body, yet still keeping the wound in the back open, creating a "pouch" of sorts. And so it was made, and Vogel was able to live safely. The back pouch is usually closed, and opens only when Vogel flexes it open. When closed, you can't tell it's there. When opened, it looks like a white line on his back. It can hold 3x its apparent size; plenty of room for food supplies (like for his trip to Greenland)

Both can peck toes, to make an opponent's feet bleed or them fall over.
Pengu can stiffen his fluff in order to make himself nearly impervious to physical bludgeoning (smacking) damage [this only happens when he gets angry, which is rare], but is still weak to piercing and slicing (bullets/arrows and swords) damage. Vogel then picks up Pengu by his head loop and uses him like a ball-and-chain.
Both can bend forward to roll up into *rough shaped* balls [live ammo anyone?]. They can bounce off of things with relative safety; Vogel can only keep it up for about a dozen or so "bounces" before unrolling, Pengu can take about a half dozen more.

Both can run abnormally fast for penguins; Pengu especially so given his youthful energy. However, "abnormally fast for penguins" means "average human's run speed".
Since they're both relatively small, they can hide into small spots and cracks easily.
Both are excellent swimmers, and can hold their breath for awhile.
Are more likely to make friends than enemies.
Hardly ever fight with each other, are great friends.
Pengu is just too cute to hit. Why would anyone with a heart want to hurt that little, innocent, young Pengu?
Can slide on their bellies for a bit, depending upon how rough and slick the terrain is.
Both are unshatterable; if frozen, if an opponent tried to punch/shatter them, they would remain solid, albeit still feeling the impact of the blow.

Aren't very strong. Being together helps...a little...
Can't take a lot of physical damage.
If you're evil enough, who cares about cuteness?
Are clueless to what they got themselves into. Almost always.
VERY small. Easily picked up and/or thrown. (or worse, kicked...)

SPECIAL INFO: Pengu has an innate Luck/Improbability Sapping Aura. The range of the aura isn't very large, and it takes awhile for the effect to become strong enough to visibly prove. When you are out of range, your own luck will return at about the same rate as it was drained (unless you have outside help). This ability drains both Luck (attacks missing) and Improbability (This that shouldn't happen, but still can; like an enemy being distracted by a half-dozen apples falling off a tree all at once). Pengu's aura ONLY protects him when he is unaware to the danger, otherwise his natural luck is the only protection [even though Pengu is incredibly lucky at avoiding harm whilst Vogel is only pretty lucky].

It should be noted that the Luck/Improbability sapping aura doesn't mean misfortune will befall you if you just sit next to him for awhile. Something could fall out of the sky and hit you, a hundred dollar bill might be carried by the wind near you, or absolutely nothing out of the ordinary. Generally speaking, the more OP a move is, the more likely Pengu will be fine. He's a very anti-OP character.
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Your prompt: (story form)

Tyson dropped from his portal and landed on the Ice Aisle, nearly slipping on the slick surface. Regaining his balance, he looked up to see IceMaster Cody Winterblade.

Cody stood wearing a blue jacket and slacks. He wore snow boots and gloves, a snow colored blade in hand. His white hair whipped about him tossing in the slight breeze.

He acknowledged Tyson's presence and spoke, "So you need me to test two contestants."

Tyson nodded. "A group of penguins. I left them in the courtyard, they'll enter soon. Don't go overboard."
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